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Hair Loss Treatments in Westminster

Hair Loss Treatments in Westminster: Discover Your Route to Revitalized Hair with MHB. At MHB in Westminster, dive into expert hair care designed to fight hair loss, rejuvenate your scalp, and improve hair texture. Our team is dedicated to crafting a customized approach to your hair health, ensuring treatments are perfectly aligned with your unique requirements.

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Hair Revival Starts Here: Rapid Results from Westminster Hair Loss Treatments

Our Westminster MHB clinic specializes in hair loss treatments that are both pocket-friendly and high-quality, ensuring you get the best care. Start seeing positive changes from your first visit. What’s more, we offer a free initial consultation and a comprehensive scalp analysis to design a treatment plan specifically for you.

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Why choose MHB Aesthetic In Westminster?

Hair Loss Treatment Clinic in Westminster

The Address for Hair Loss Treatment Clinic in Westminster at MHB Aesthetic is “First floor, 205 Regent Street, Mayfair W1B 4HB.”

Top Hair Loss Treatment Westminster Specialists

Martin MHB Aesthetic


Martin at MHB Aesthetic in Westminster is a top expert in treating hair loss, with more than ten years of skin and body care experience. He uses a mix of natural and high-tech methods for amazing results. Always learning, Martin keeps up with the latest by going to global meetings. He knows a lot about the science of looking good, thanks to his certification in physiology, so he gives treatments that really work for you, taking care of both how you feel and how you look.

Isabel MHB Aesthetic


In Westminster’s MHB Aesthetic, Isabel has made a name for herself as a leading trichologist, with a career spanning over 20 years in both advanced and gentle hair loss treatments. Her personal encounter with alopecia areata has inspired a heartfelt commitment to assist others facing hair challenges. Having moved from Australia to London, she’s transformed the lives of countless individuals, offering them bespoke hair recovery plans. Isabel’s profound expertise and genuine understanding enable her to uplift her clients, steering them towards fulfilling their hair aspirations.

Isabel MHB Aesthetic

Hair Loss Treatment Consultation Westminster

The Contact Number for Hair Loss Treatment Consultation Westminster at MHB Aesthetic Clinic is “7554477034″

Hair Loss Treatment Services Westminster

Hair filler mayfair, london

Hair Filler

Discover the latest in hair rejuvenation with Hair Filler at MHB Aesthetic in Westminster. This innovative treatment tackles hair thinning and loss by blending advanced science with aesthetic techniques, breathing new life into your hair. Ideal for those seeking to restore their hair's natural thickness and vitality without invasive procedures.

PRP Treatment

PRP Treatment

Experience natural renewal with PRP Treatment at MHB Aesthetic in Westminster, where we utilize your body's own healing powers for hair and skin rejuvenation. This non-surgical approach offers transformative results, enhancing your appearance by tapping into natural regeneration processes. Ideal for those seeking effective, natural-looking improvements without invasive procedures.

High Frequency London

High Frequency

Dive into the world of natural enhancement at MHB Aesthetic in Westminster with our High Frequency Treatment for hair and skin. This gentle, non-surgical approach helps revitalize your look by supporting hair health and improving skin conditions like acne and signs of aging. Perfect for those aiming for a fresher, vibrant appearance without invasive treatments.

Mesotherapy london


Explore the path to all-around rejuvenation at MHB Aesthetic in Westminster with our Mesotherapy treatments for hair, face, and body. This gentle technique enhances your natural beauty by infusing essential nutrients into the skin or scalp, encouraging renewal and vitality. Ideal for anyone seeking a refreshed and youthful appearance without invasive procedures.

Scalp Micropigmentation

At MHB Aesthetic in Westminster, we offer Scalp Micropigmentation, a cutting-edge treatment that creates the look of real hair and hides hair transplant scars. This non-surgical method is perfect for those looking to improve their scalp's appearance without the need for surgery, offering a quick and effective solution to enhance your confidence.

Why Is PRP Good For Hair Growth?

PRP therapy is a breakthrough in hair loss treatment, utilizing your body’s own platelets. By injecting these platelets into the scalp, they kickstart a natural repair process, boosting blood supply and nutrients to the hair follicles, encouraging new hair growth. It’s a secure, surgery-free approach for those seeing their hair thin out, though a chat with a healthcare pro is advised to confirm it’s the best option for you.

How Much Do Hair Loss Treatments Typically Cost In Westminster, London In 2024?

MHB in Westminster, London, offers an exceptional deal for PRP hair loss treatments, which are generally priced between £150 to £500 elsewhere. Our clinic stands out by offering this service starting at a mere £99. Included in this price is a complimentary expert consultation and detailed scalp check-up, ensuring you get care precisely suited to your needs. We’re committed to delivering premium hair treatments at an affordable rate to the Westminster community.

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Alongside PRP, we offer a range of innovative hair loss treatments at MHB, including hair mesotherapy, scalp micropigmentation, PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin), hair filler, and high-frequency treatments. Each of these methods addresses hair loss in unique ways, catering to different needs and preferences. Our expert team can guide you in choosing the most suitable option for your individual hair health and restoration goals.

Being a good candidate for hair loss therapy in Westminster largely depends on the cause and stage of your hair loss, your overall health, and specific hair restoration goals. At MHB Aesthetic, we emphasize the importance of a personalized consultation in Westminster to accurately diagnose your condition and tailor a treatment plan suited to your needs. This ensures the most effective approach to your hair loss treatment.


The discomfort level associated with hair loss treatments in Westminster varies depending on the chosen method. At MHB Aesthetic, we employ the latest pain management techniques to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. Whether you’re undergoing a non-invasive hair restoration treatment or a more advanced procedure, our Westminster team is dedicated to making your experience as pain-free as possible.


Results from hair loss treatment in Westminster can vary, typically taking a few months to become noticeable. The exact timeframe depends on the type of hair loss therapy, your individual health, and how well you respond to the treatment. At MHB Aesthetic, we’ll provide you with a realistic expectation based on your personalized treatment plan, ensuring you understand the journey to hair rejuvenation in Westminster.


During your consultation at MHB Aesthetic in Westminster, you’ll undergo a thorough scalp examination to assess the extent of your hair loss. We’ll discuss your treatment options, ranging from non-surgical hair restoration treatments to more intensive therapies, ensuring you’re fully informed. Your questions and concerns will be addressed, laying the foundation for a trusted and transparent treatment process in Westminster.


Yes, at MHB Aesthetic in Westminster, we’re committed to making hair loss treatments accessible for everyone, which is why we offer flexible payment options. Our ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ plan, available through Klarna, allows you to manage your budget with ease while pursuing the hair restoration treatment you need. During your consultation, we’ll guide you through the simple process of setting up this option, ensuring you can start your treatment worry-free and pay at a pace that suits you.

Scheduling a consultation for hair loss treatment at MHB Aesthetic in Westminster is straightforward. You can reach us at our Westminster contact number or book online if available. We encourage scheduling your free consultation promptly, allowing us to address your hair loss concerns and explore suitable treatment options together in Westminster.

Aftercare is crucial for achieving optimal results and maintaining long-term hair health following your treatment for hair loss in Westminster. At MHB Aesthetic, we’ll provide you with comprehensive post-treatment instructions tailored to your specific procedure. Following these guidelines is essential to support the healing process and enhance the effectiveness of your hair loss therapy in Westminster.